Does Re-Siding Your Home Add Value? 20 Percent off All Siding Projects in January! Now is the time to Re-Design and Add Value to your home!

You bet it does! Re-siding a home adds a significant amount of resale value to your property. In fact, The National Association of Realtor’s website, Houselogic, reported that the best choices for improving home value in 2014 were exterior projects, including siding replacement. Whether the siding you chose is vinyl, fiber cement, or foam-backed vinyl, the decision to re-side a house has consistently increased resale value for homeowners. Re-siding adds to the property’s curb appeal and also helps to control energy costs, which makes it a smart investment.

The resale values for siding replacement have held steady. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost VS. Value Report, on average, homeowners recouped 72.9 percent of vinyl siding replacement costs in 2013, 69.5 percent in 2011-2012, and 72.4 percent in 2010-2011. For fiber-cement siding replacement, homeowners recouped 79.3 percent in 2013, 78 percent in 2011-2012, and 80 percent in 2010-2011. For foam-backed vinyl re-siding projects, homeowners recouped 71.8 percent of their investment in 2013, 69.6 percent in 2011-2012, and 72.4 percent in 2010-2011.

So, if different types of siding on the market add significant amounts of resale value to your property, how do you property distinguish which type of siding on the market is the best for your home? Well, it depends on the look that you want to design at the end and what you are hoping to accomplish. Vinyl siding is reasonably priced, lightweight, and literally maintenance-free. It can also help create a blanket of thermal protection and energy savings on your home. Fiber-cement siding is resistant to moisture, fire, termites, and rot. Right now Fiber Cement Siding alone can help recoup 87 percent of the added cost and it looks amazing on homes! LP Smartside siding is impact resistant, looks just like real wood, and can give you added peace of mind with the warranty it comes with keeping your home looking just like it was before.

So, if you are thinking about siding! Give us a call! We have a 20 percent discount going on for all of our siding projects if you spend $3,000 dollars or more on your siding project until the end of January. Now is the time to redesign the exterior of your home before Spring!

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