Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether you are restoring your home from a storm, or designing a new exterior, it's our mission to bring you the best customer service. When we send a qualified exterior specialist to your home, you will have their cell phone number, contact information, and company phone numbers all at hand so you can call us. We want to deliver the upmost highest individual customer service and we promise to promptly answer any questions you may have. Here are some questions we run into daily that might help with your exterior home improvement project:

Is JL Construction LLC Insured?

Yes! Absolutely! So glad you asked! We all think as homeowners sometimes that when a company comes through our door to ask for business, that they would carry the recommended and required licenses. Even though the law requires roofers to be licensed, insured, and bonded, it is very expensive and roofers who know that they will be retiring, selling their business after the season is over, or are only in town for storm restoration, may not have the funds. So what happens? They end up being licensed, but forego being bonded and insured because it is too expensive. That can leave you on the hook financially if a roofer or siding crew got hurt on your property. We want to give you the peace of mind that we have all necessary licenses, bonds, and insurance to keep our crews, your home, and your assets protected in case there was an accident!

What can I expect from the Free Roof Inspection Consultation?

During our initial FREE inspection, we will first inspect the property, and provide video coverage of damage so if we are on your roof or inside your attic, you can see for yourself any hail and wind damage, ventilation problems, or other type of shingle damage or warranty issues you currently have with your roof. From there we will go over Owen's Corning products, installation, and warranties and let you decide which type of roof is best for you and your property. We will answer any questions from there and help guide you through the simple process of replacing your roof, whether it is from storm damage and you need help filing a claim, or whether you simply need to replace your roof!

Do you handle Insurance Claims?

Absolutely! In fact, guiding you through the insurance process, whether this is the first claim you have ever submitted or not, we specialize in storm restoration and we specialize in putting your home back to original condition with no shortcuts. We work with ALL insurance companies and are very knowledgeable about the claims process so it is our promise that if it is an insurance claim we will work with you and your insurance company one on one to make sure your home is put back together the right and safe way.


Will I need better ventilation in my attic?

Great question! Improper roof venting may seem like small issues, but these small issues can lead to expensive and costly repairs as well as unreasonable utility bills. We take pride in properly insuring you have correct attic ventilation with our full roofing system. As long as we have access, we will go in your attic and address these issues with you during your initial free inspection. We take pride in not just selling you a roof, we want to take ownership in your roof and our craftsmanship and make sure you have proper attic ventilation as well as attic insulation, if needed, to make sure you get a full roofing system instead of just a shingle replacement.

How will I know my roof was done right?

At JL Construction, we take great pride in quality and craftsmanship and making sure the job was done right the first time. We send out a quality expert to each and every roof, siding, and gutter project to take  pictures, inspect, and correct anything upfront to make sure you are completely satisfied and also to insure you do not have any issues with a roof warranty claim in the future! We always put our customers first!