Home Insulation Benefits!

Have you ever wondered if your insulation is sufficient for your home? The great thing about insulation is that it benefits your home in all seasons and provides all year total comfort. The cost to insulate your attic is very minimal compared to the cost of savings it provides. In the summer, insulation benefits by keeping the radiant heat in your attic from coming down into your house and walls. This is even greater if you have duct work up there that is not insulated . At times in the summer, your attic can sometimes reach up to 150 degrees! That is a lot of hot air in your walls for your air conditioner to have to cool all summer long. In the winter, attic insulation will help keep the heat inside your home instead of heating the attic or even exterior of your home. It will also keep cold drafts from sifting in.

Attic Insulation does not just save you money, it can also save your house from damage. If you have inadequate attic insulation it can take away years on your roof because every time it snows or ices, you can get ice damning, or even worse, icicles. Your attic can also become a breeding ground for moisture and bacteria and mold can form causing sicknesses to get in your home. Call JL Construction for a free inspection on your attic insulation this year and see if we can help keep your house comfortable, safe, and add years to your roof.

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